New project

Look at this wall

It is one of the many bare walls in our house. It needed something. So I somehow convinced Dallin to make me some shelves. He was actually really excited about making them (bonus). We borrowed my Dad's table saw and miter saw (Thanks Dad) and he whipped these out in no time! I was amazed. Now he wants a table saw and miter saw of his own. Which I am okay with because then he can make more things for me!
That's how it works, he says he needs it to make me shelves and I need shelves so he should get a saw

Don't they look great?! We painted them a nice cream color to go with the area rug we have in this room. I am really happy with them. Thanks Dallin!

I don't love the decorations on them yet, I just put these on them so there was something there. Hopefully in the next week or two I will find what I am looking for and get them! We have some ideas for decorating this room and getting more pictures up on the walls. Stay tuned for more...


  1. I love all of the posts! Dallin did a wonderful job on the shelves, he could go into the business! I got a lot of pictures from Jenny for my birthday and I put them on my shelves in my bedroom. They look awesome. I am sure you will find what you want and they will also be awesome! Benton is growing so fast. It is a good thing that I will get to see him next month!

  2. Those are great! Does Dallin want to make me some? ;-)

  3. He made those??? Those look amazing!


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