Wicked Good Treats

Are you ready for the next little bit of Halloween around here?

I sure am. This is exactly what my front door has been waiting for.

Well as soon as I get a hook for it to hang on, then it will be on my front door.

I saw something similar to this at a store and thought "I could make one of those"

Which I have to be honest, I think that about most things (other than clothes and furniture). And that thought often gets me into trouble. But luckily not this time.

Dallin cut me some rectangles and I painted them black, sprinkled on some glitter, hot glued the letters and characters on and voila. Now we are a little closer to being ready for Halloween.


  1. Nice sign...

    Not too spooky but real cute.

  2. You have quite the talent for crafts. That sign is awesome!


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