Benton's outfit redo

A few weeks ago we got this adorable outfit from Gap

I love{d} it. I love that it is navy blue, that it is so comfy, and that it was Halloween without being orange. I simply had to get it.
The next day I put it on Benton and loved it more! He looked super cute in it. Then about 5 minutes later the middle button on the legs popped open {yes button, not snap, but button} so you could see his diaper.

At that point I asked myself, What was Gap thinking using buttons on a sweater outfit? Snaps would have been so much better {and easier when diaper changing time came around}.

The next time Benton wore it within minutes all the buttons but the two around the ankles came open and no matter how hard I tried they would NOT stay buttoned. So instead of having him wear a dress with slits up to his diaper I decided to make it into a sweater.

Just a little snip snip here and sew sew there and it was ready. Super easy and much more practical.

Again sorry about the picture, I can't get my camera to work right

And there was enough fabric left over to make some matching mittens. {Not that I actually think he will keep those on his hands} We will be heading to cold Utah in a few weeks so I am trying to get enough warm clothes ready for him. Which means yes, he will be wearing this sweater after Halloween. That works right?


  1. CUTE! I actually bought the same outfit at that sale. Although, I had no idea who it was for. Probably for my next kid that will assuredly be a boy. lol. Great work christy!

  2. What a cutie! and I love that outfit!


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