Sporting Halloween

We are loving everything Halloween here

Since Benton is eating orange foods like yams and carrots I thought he needed a little more Halloween to go with them. So during a nap I whipped this up

Don't look too closely, when I say I whipped it up, that is exactly what I did. Some people follow patterns... but that is not me. Sometimes I wish I did because I am sure I wouldn't run in to as many problems, but I also like figuring it out on my own. I can tell you this, I learned a lot and the next one will be better.

And how about these PJs?! I think we will be using these well after Halloween.
No I didn't make these, someone named Gap did. I could only wish.


  1. That bib looks fabulous to me!! At least you make something that is functional! Benton looks so cute all clean in his Halloween jammies. I bet he smells good too! Can't wait to see more Halloween pictures of him. Hope you guys are doing great!


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