10 days until Halloween

We aren't excited about it at all...

I found a few more ways to incorporate Halloween into our house.

This one is thanks to Martha. She is the best, seriously.

I saw this snake wreath in her October magazine and instantly wanted one. So I went outside and pruned my cherry tree and made a wreath out of the branches.

{If you want to make one, don't make one! It took many tries and an hour just to make the wreath. You can imagine how happy mad I was when I saw they had them at the dollar store... and the nice looking ones for only $3 at JoAnns... next time}

Then I bought the snakes at the dollar store and hot glued them on. Last I spray painted it black. Ssspooky huh?

And just a little boo to finish it off. How is your decorating coming?


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