4 Months

This little girl is not so little anymore. She just keeps growing! I tell her to stop, but she doesn't listen. No, not really. It is sad to see the littleness go away but so fun to see each new day, and each next step. I feel like Adalyn's personality is shining and showing earlier than my boys did. It is so fun to see! It makes me just love her even more.

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One morning I went in to get Adalyn and she had rolled over! Soon after that I laid her on the floor and she rolled over twice in a row! Since then she has only done it a few times but she was pretty happy with herself, smiling the whole time.

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Adalyn is very interactive. She loves people. I wouldn't say that she loves to be around lots of people, she is a little baby and gets overstimulated. But I would say that she LOVES attention from one or two people at a time. She loves to play pat a cake, row row row your boat, and itsy bitsy spider. She even laughs during them. She lights up when Benton starts talking to her.

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She is now 25 inches tall and weighs 14 pounds. Her squishy little arms and thighs are awesome.

This little is a mommy's girl. I couldn't be happier. If she is crying she will stop when she hears my voice. She doesn't really like me to leave her, which isn't so great, but she is getting better. My next step it to get her to take a bottle, that will help I bet :)

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She has really learned how to talk and screech. I love all the noises she makes. Once when I was singing her a song she started singing/cooing with me. It was so sweet! My hear melted a little. In fact that reminds me, I was having a really hard day a little while ago and I really needed a little something to help me feel better. I went to put Adalyn to sleep and she was being really sweet. She is, in general a sweet baby so it wasn't anything new. When I was burping her she just laid her head on me for a few minutes. Then she looked up at me as if to say that everything's going to be okay, after about 10 seconds she smiled, snuggled, and went to sleep. I can't express how sweet that moment was. Adalyn is sucha blessing to our family and I know she brings all of us together. It is amazing to see the impact this little 4 month old has on our family.

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The boys can't get enough of her. It is great. Emmett's attention span is shorter, so he will play with her for about a minute at a time. Benton, on the other hand, will sit and play with her for 15 minutes. He sings songs, gives her toys, tells her stories, and calms her down when she started to get upset. He is the best big brother. I sure love these kids. I love having three of them. This is the best stage yet, and while it is hard and probably going to get harder, I also know that it will just keep getting better!


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