Family of Five

The other day we tried (really hard) to take some new family photos. The ones we have hanging on our wall above our couch only have Benton in them, and he wasn't even a year old yet! Do you think it's time to get some updated ones up there? Once Marcos was over and he was holding Emmett. Emmett pointed at the pictures so he started asking him where people where. He asked where Mom, Dad, and Benton were and Emmett would find them in the pictures. Finally Marcos asked him where Emmett was and he just looked at him and said, "Lost." Poor child. We quite simply never got around to taking new ones. Plus do you have any idea how HARD it is to get 6 decent pictures? I mean ones that you actually want on your wall, for potentially entirely too long? Well it is hard. We might need to call the professionals.

 photo IMG_9431_zps5e35b9bb.jpg

 photo IMG_9450_zps9d252ed3.jpg

 photo IMG_9543_zps051028b1.jpg

 photo IMG_9556_zps14eb14bc.jpg

 photo IMG_9567_zps77660cec.jpg

 photo IMG_9830_zps30a7649d.jpg


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