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Ever since I got an Instagram account I've started taking more and more photos on my phone and less with my camera. Is this the same for any of you? I thought so. I am able to catch so many fun moments with my camera but I haven't put them on the blog since the new year! Yikes. So here is part 1 of who knows how many instagrams. It will be fun though because it will start with The day Adalyn was born!

Our sweet baby decided to join our family two weeks early. Baby Adalyn was born on the 6th weighing 6lbs 8oz. We love her!

 photo 2014-01-07100706_zpsc9c3a88d.jpg

Loving this little angel

 photo 2014-01-09092316_zps8fe6a0ff.jpg

Benton found this jacket in Emmett's clothes and decided that it was still his. He also insisted that it fit him. 

 photo 2014-01-11131004_zpsa4893240.jpg

Little sleeper

 photo 2014-01-11185326_zps62a28024.jpg

Those sweet hands! Adalyn always slept with her hands up by her face almost like they were posed. It was so sweet.

 photo 2014-01-14173018_zpsd8527a07.jpg

I guess I won't be buying anything today...

 photo 2014-01-17102613_zps54f8ef84.jpg

This big brother loved this little lady

 photo 2014-01-17125217_zps2172b7db.jpg

Sleeping beauty. 

 photo 2014-01-17141338_zps9efba262.jpg

Poofy curls after her bath

 photo 2014-01-19110601_zpsfbb0fe01.jpg

Foxy lady. She was two weeks old at this point.

 photo 2014-01-23152039_zps14a6f3b6.jpg


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