Let me tell you a little something about Adalyn, she loves to laugh! I swear she does. I absolutely love how different each child is, even from the first day they are born. It is so fun to see them develop new personality traits as they grow older. All 3 of them are different, even when it comes to their laughs at a couple months old! 

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I was talking to my friend Jenny the other day and as we often do, we were talking about how our kids were doing and what was new in their development. I was telling Jenny how Adalyn loves to laugh. I went on to say that she sometimes gives me a look that I would bet money meant "make me laugh". It's like she is just waiting. And every day it seems to be something different that gets her, so I have to figure it out each time. Sometimes it is tickling her tummy, or legs, or neck, other times it's playing peek-a-boo, giving her raspberries, or snapping her pjs. Jenny then said to me, "You have a Christy baby!" It made me laugh because she was right! I love to laugh too!

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Adalyn also gets goofy when she is tired. That's when laughing while I snap her pj's comes in. I'll take it over getting cranky when she is ready for bed (though that does happen too, she is a baby after all. Wait, I get cranky when I'm tired too so it's not just a baby thing I guess).

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Sometimes she laughs only because someone else is laughing. The little cutie.

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