Maple Canyon - number 48

On Saturday we took the kids rock climbing at Maple Canyon. Dallin learned how to rock climb there so he was excited to take our kids. I was so impressed with how well all of the kids did! Seriously they were amazing! 

But first we have this picture... it kills me! hahahaha! I can't help but laugh every time I see it. If you know Benton at all you know that he is a little loud sometimes. He also gets really excited about things, that well, he is excited about. So the anticipation of rock climbing was probably getting to him, or maybe he just had his random burst of being loud, either way there he is being Benton. Then you have Kadence on the other side looking at Benton, as if patiently waiting to see just hot long this will last. Lastly, there is Emmett in the middle happy as a clam and trying to be silly. This is just perfect.

 photo IMG_0887_zps9a009b20.jpg

48| Rock Climb
Dallin and Shaun lead the climbs and then belayed the kids afterwards.
Here is Kadence! She did so great.

 photo IMG_0914_zps6b5dc7cc.jpg

Emmett loved it... for about one minute.

 photo IMG_0919_zps14aa138a.jpg

Haley was awesome! She took off and climbed so fast! She really did great. Before we knew it she was at the top!

 photo IMG_0941_zps5aca9ad3.jpg

Adalyn hung out in here for most of the time. She was able to play and move around without getting filthy! Plus I didn't have to worry about her so that was nice.

 photo IMG_0949_zpsb6aa0a76.jpg

Haley and Kadence showing us how it is done.

 photo IMG_0956_zps8bf7b825.jpg

Benton was having so much fun exploring that he was almost the last to climb. He and the other kids found this little cave. He was unsure about it.

 photo IMG_0973_zps3190eb89.jpg

He played, and would have continued to play for hours. He just loved it.

 photo IMG_0979_zpsa327f6ee.jpg

Until it was time to go...

 photo IMG_0998_zpsd2d03351.jpg

This was definitely a great trip, I want to go back next year!


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