Camping at Gone Creek Summer Activities 70-71

Our good friends Rachel and JC invited us to go camping with them near Mt Hood at Timothy Lake. I realize now that I am always saying that we do these things with friends, but I never have any pictures of them! I only get pictures of the kids... I must remember to prove we have friends next time! Dallin wasn't able to get off work early on Friday so me and the kids headed up by ourselves. We weren't sure if he was going to be able to join us so I was prepared to do it myself (which I could ONLY do because we were going to be camping with friends AND I planned on sleeping in the van with everyone).

Dallin ended up coming, but he didn't arrive until 9:30. The kids were all asleep in the van by then. Which they all went down so easily. Seriously it was awesome. I think I deserved it after the drive there though. That was a tough one! But we made it. Anyway back to camping. We spent some time talking by the campfire that night and enjoyed some roasted marshmallows. After a nice breakfast we packed up and headed down to the lake. My kids were meant to live outside.

 photo 2014-09-13112300_zps9cdc8a1f.jpg

They even liked each other sometimes! No, they really have been getting along great lately. They still have their moments but it is getting better.

 photo 2014-09-13112345_zps7578b8d7.jpg

Dallin brought a fishing pole so the kids could try fishing. Emmett obviously enjoyed it! The lesson in sharing time at church last Sunday involved fishing, and Benton went on and on and on about this fishing trip. He can be a little long winded when he is talking about something he loves... but I thought it was so cute!

 photo 2014-09-13130341_zpsaf43563a.jpg

70| Have a picnic

We have had SO many picnics and I was determined to get a picture of this one. I failed. So I quickly grabbed the bag of Oreo's and told Benton he could have another. He was all to willing to oblige. Notice the Oreo lips?

 photo 2014-09-13145253_zps2e01c1c5.jpg

71| Go To Mt Hood

On our way home we headed up to Timberline Lodge. I haven't been there in at least 7 years and Dallin hasn't ever been. It is so beautiful up there. Dallin and I both said we wanted to go back soon.

 photo 2014-09-13150119_zps7196640b.jpg

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