Summer Review

Here are my 2 cents on the list of activities we did this summer. 

Reasons why I liked it:
It was great to have a list of activities available all the time to look at and get ideas from. I honestly felt like we did a lot more this summer, probably because there was 100 things we had a goal to do! Many of the activities that were on the list we would have done anyway, but there were lots of great ones (chalk race track, potato stamps, and cereal necklaces to name a few) that we probably wouldn't have gotten to. 

I also liked that it gave me something to blog about again. I could post 5 pictures of completely different things on different days and they still went together and one post made sense. It got me back in the habit of taking pictures and recording our family adventures.

At the end of the summer I felt like we took full advantage of it so I wasn't sad at all to see fall coming.

Things about it I didn't like it:
Since we began I tried to get going completing activities because I didn't want to be stuck with 50 to do the last week of summer. But 100 is so many to do! There were days we didn't do any, and others we did 4 or 5. The last couple weeks were kind of full trying to complete them. 

I thought it would be really great to take pictures of each activity, not only to blog about them, but also to make some kind of picture book for the kids to remember this summer by. I think it would be fun to look though for many years to come. I'm really glad that I did it, but it really made it hard for some of them. There were several we had to do again because I didn't get a picture, and in the end when we were trying to finish up the last ones I found myself doing it really quick, taking a picture, and then we were done. The kids played on the hop scotch for literally 2 minutes. 

Which brings me to my reason why I decided to not complete the last 4 activities. I know! We were only 4 away! But completing the list wasn't the reason I created it, it was so that my family could participate in many fun activities. The last 4 things would have been completed out of obligation. Sure they probably would've had fun but I think we were all ready for a break. 

Would I do it again? Yes! I would change a few things about how I do it but I would do it again in a heart beat.


  1. Looks like you guys had lots of fun! I'm going to have to try a version of this.


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