What kids say

Benton has come up with some pretty interesting questions and statements lately so I wanted to write them down.

B- Mommy, what are we having for dinner?
Me- That chicken torte you saw before.
B- Is that dinner like poop?
Me- What?! It doesn't look like poop!
B- It looks like a white poop.

I really had to hold it back with that one! Seriously it looked like a pan of bread, I have NO idea where that came from. Needless to say we didn't really eat it that night.

While looking through an alphabet book with Dallin, Benton was trying to come up with words that started with each letter. When they got to the letter X, Benton said, "Eczema!" Sad, sad, sad that he knows that word so well! And it does sound like it starts with an X.

"North is the Spanish way of saying planet."

To me he said,"What's that stuff you put on your face that makes you stinky and um.... nice?" He meant make-up. I told this to people for days because it cracked me up, he finally said, "Mom, stop saying that!"

"I ate your leg."

When I was leaving somewhere he said to me, "Be good for the other grown-ups."

A few months ago Benton was asked to give a talk in Primary. It was about how living the gospel strengthens my family. I whispered in his ear what he was going to say. After saying "...My family is strengthened by reading scriptures, praying, and having Family Home Evening..." he quickly added, "But we haven't had it in a long time."


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