Friends and Brownies

Ever since we took pictures of our friends at the park I've been wanting to head back to take some of the kids. I mentioned it to a friend and she started talking about how she was wanting some family pictures taken too. I told her to come along with us and we'll get some. We decided to meet on a Monday night for our family home evening activity.

Well it ended up being a disaster of a day, a complete disaster. So when we met up 30 minutes later than we had planned and our kids were totally not ready. I had washed Adalyn's hair the night before to make sure it was clean and pretty and she sure got it extra messy at dinner. So here are a few more casual pictures of the kids. Maybe we will try again...

 photo IMG_5224_zpsfzpcpoy2.jpg

I'm pretty sure we forgot to even wash their faces after eating dinner. Meh, they are still cute.

 photo IMG_5227_zpsmfh1zvk5.jpg

 photo IMG_5261_zpsqhliyiz8.jpg

 photo IMG_5264_zpsicrjs7zo.jpg

 photo IMG_5270_zpsosaycyuf.jpg

 photo IMG_5273_zpsjugxywin.jpg

 photo IMG_5295_zps3wzm5rex.jpg

 photo IMG_5309_zpsflpe3qxk.jpg

After taking some pictures we had some delicious brownies.

 photo IMG_5340_zpsxfm0pxsc.jpg

Adalyn was ready for seconds.

 photo IMG_5354_zpsuqsae7x1.jpg

 photo IMG_5376_zps6xbrgyxg.jpg

It ended up being a pretty fun little trip, which was a nice way to end a disastrous day.


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