Trick or Treating at Intel

Every year Dallin's group hosts a Halloween Party for the employees and their families. Every year but last year. They were remodeling his floor during that time so they didn't end up doing anything. Benton remembered. He was so bummed that he couldn't go last year, and kept talking about how he was so excited to get to go see his "new work" this year. We got all checked in at the front office and Dallin led the way up to his 4th floor cubicle. Everyone on the floor that wanted trick or treaters had a balloon on their cubicle. The kids loved going up and down the aisles looking for balloons.

While exploring we found this, we have no idea what it is but the kids were excited to have their picture taken with it!

 photo 2015-10-30 15.25.26_zpsyf6wyeh2.jpg

 photo 2015-10-30 15.25.53_zpsbsqihe22.jpg

We loved trick or treating indoors at Intel. And we especially loved visiting daddy at work!

 photo 2015-10-30 15.58.10_zpswmjoc0qa.jpg


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