So Many Animals

It's official. We are really putting our Zoo membership to good use. It gets hard to blog about going to the same place over and over, but each time we get different pictures, see different animals, go with different friends, and so on. This time we went with Jenny, Julie, and Logan. There were so many animals out today. I didn't get a picture of the lions, but they are all out awake on the rocks looking at the crowd. Adalyn was in awe of all the animals. I love watching little kids see so many animals up close for the first time, or the first couple of times. It really is an amazing opportunity to see so many animals all in one place.

Like I said, I didn't get pictures of the real lions, but we did get this one! Can you tell how Adalyn feels about being on a lion? Julie to the far left looks like she feels about the same. 

 photo 2015-10-23 10.56.19_zps85wemrbb.jpg

We loved seeing the cheetahs!

 photo 2015-10-23 11.03.14_zpsrgugovmt.jpg

This time we went in to pet the goats. Emmett found this one and pet him exclusively. Adalyn wasn't so sure about them. She barely pet one just before we left, though she was happy to see them and sit on my lap. She loves animals but is nervous around them up close.

 photo 2015-10-23 11.25.17_zpsjlueyjc9.jpg

We walked all over the zoo today. I told Jenny that we will have to meet at the zoo again in a few weeks to put me into labor. She said she would :)


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