Pregnancy, for the Fourth Time

This baby is due in three weeks. Just three weeks! I had been hoping that this baby would come just a little early, but now that we are just three weeks away it doesn't seem too bad. We can make it. It probably helped that my Doctor told me that while the baby had been measuring big for the previous two appointments, that he wasn't now. Phew. 

This pregnancy has been a little more difficult than the previous three, but it is still nothing compared to pregnancies I've heard about from friends and family. I would just say I've had more minor annoyances this time, and just like anyone who has ever been 8 months pregnant there are some things I am really looking forward to. For example sleeping on my stomach. Bending over. Buttoning pants. Breathing. Sigh. But honestly the biggest thing I am looking forward to is snuggling with this cute little boy and seeing him fit into our family, while breathing, sleeping (or probably not ever sleeping) on my stomach, and buttoning my pants of course.


  1. Hang in there! Those last few weeks are rough. Hope your transition to 4 goes smoothly!


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