After Adalyn was born we realized that the 5 members of our family were named with the first 5 letters of the alphabet- Adalyn, Benton, Christy, Dallin, and Emmett. This was of course by accident. We were talking about it while we were pregnant and people started saying we needed to name our baby boy something that started with the letter F. My sister and her children came up with the name Flynn. One time our family was talking about it and the name Frank was brought up. Benton said he liked it and I told him we weren't going to name our baby Frank. Dallin took that as a challenge I think and started talking about how he liked it too. He was just playing, but Benton was convinced. He would ask everyone in the family if they liked the name Frank.

One day he said to me, "Mom. I like the name Frank. Dad likes the name Frank. Emmett likes the name Frank. Adalyn likes the name Frank. You're the only one who doesn't like the name Frank. Why can't we name him Frank?" It became a thing at our house. The day that we went to the hospital to have the baby Benton's school teacher had the class come up with a list of names that they thought the baby's name might be. It didn't surprise me in the least that Frank was the second one on the list, and I knew who suggested it! In the end, Benton also liked the name Hudson so we were okay.

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