Newborn Take 2

I love so many things about these pictures. I love that you can see his little peach fuzz hair. I love that you can see the little line on the side of his head where his skull will be fusing together soon. I love that he is awake and so content. I love that he is showing off his beautiful blue eyes. I love that they show how little and skinny he is. We all know how quickly my little ones put on the pounds so it will be fun to look back at these and see just how little he was. These pictures show Hudson so well, he is such a sweet little baby.

 photo IMG_5943_zpsx97rls76.jpg

 photo IMG_5948_zpswszympxw.jpg

 photo IMG_5959_zpslvaaxioc.jpg

 photo IMG_5964_zpsi6bgzcap.jpg

 photo IMG_5965_zpscwivvn0z.jpg

 photo IMG_5968_zpsombk8zan.jpg

 photo IMG_5970_zpszofenrim.jpg

 photo IMG_5984_zpsscxtghvv.jpg

 photo IMG_5997_zpsxecnvlxr.jpg

 photo IMG_6012_zpsyu2jbeh6.jpg

 photo IMG_6014_zpshhdlckbp.jpg

 photo IMG_6020_zpsibw23cby.jpg


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