The Best Doctor

We love our Pediatrician. Love. We've been going to see Dr. Mandi since Benton was born. She was recommended to us by a friend and we have stayed with her because she is amazing! I had Hudson on a Thursday evening and I was supposed to set up an appointment for Hudson to go in sometime in the first few days. Well I forgot to make the appointment before her office closed on Friday so I figured I would call her on Monday morning and set something up. Dr. Mandi called me on Saturday evening to set up the appointment. SHE called me on Saturday night! She has always been like that, she'll call to check in on a child that had recently seen her for being sick. She'll work through her lunch hour to make sure you can get in last minute when you need to. She also takes a lot of time to listen to you, and asks you questions about your children. When she mails receipts to me, she throws in 2 stickers for each of my children. She goes above and beyond was is expected and we really appreciate it!

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