Blue and Gray

A few months ago I decided to finally start decorating the kitchen. At first I wanted to try gray and yellow. I thought it would be perfect. I already had gray counter tops and back splash and I could easily incorporate yellow everywhere right? Wrong! I looked for months and could not find anything (reasonably priced) that was yellow. This was the general idea I was looking for

found here

So I finally gave up (and made my blog gray and yellow instead) and thought about a new color to go with. Finally I decided navy blue and gray. My walls are already blue so I won't have to paint them and navy blue items are much easier to find! Right around the time I decided to go with navy blue Target came out with a ton of blue items, I am hoping to get a few of them when they go on sale :)

Last year I picked up two bar stools at Goodwill for only $3 each. They were hunter green with red vinyl padding. In one word they were ugly. However a little paint and new fabric would make them look great. We decided to sand them down and paint them. That took FOREVER. Not only the process of sanding a few layers of paint off, but actually getting to it took a long time. Then we painted them with a brush and put a coat of poly on top. That all together took about 6 months for one chair!

I can't find any before pictures but here you can see the ugly green thing in the background


Then within a day or two the poly turned our white chair yellow... uhggg. This time I decided to spray paint them instead. We sanded them for about two minutes just to roughen them up, the I primed them and sprayed them in minutes (obviously waiting until they dried before repainting). Then after a few days of drying I quickly stapled new fabric over the old one and they were both done! Six months for one chair that turned yellow, or 2 days for two perfectly white chairs. I have learned my lesson! Always spray paint.

Here are our two new chairs


I bought extra fabric to make a table runner and window treatment. I finished the table runner today.


I hope to finish the window treatment in the next couple weeks. I haven't quite decided how to do it yet as I want the sun to still come through the window and much a possible.

So there is a sneak peak into my new blue kitchen, more items to come soon!


  1. Cute, nice job! Have you ever looked at the blog You should check it out, there are lots of really cute inexpensive decorating ideas.

    Jessica Duff

  2. Wow, great job on the chairs. They look awesome! The table runner looks great too.

  3. What a cute pattern! I love these!


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