Every day I get an email from Parents magazine. I have received emails from other website with parenting advice but I never really like them, but I always seem to learn something from the Parents email. A few days ago their little tip was about binkys. They said,

"The best age to break your tot’s pacifier habit is between 1 and 2 years. Limit use to nighttime and stressful moments (like leaving him with a sitter) by age 1, and stop it completely by age 2. To go cold turkey, leave the pacifiers for the “binky fairy,” who will take them and leave a toy in their place.

Benton is 1 and still uses his binky (way too much). I never intended on it happening but it did. It is just an easy way to please him I guess. We decided that it was time for a change. Two days ago we left the binky in the crib so he can only have it when he is going to sleep. That day went surprisingly well! He was just fine.

One of the biggest changes is how much Benton talks. He talks all the time! It makes me feel bad for not taking the binky away before. I knew he didn't need it we just needed to make an effort to limit it. Another benefit is that he likes going to sleep more now. I lay him in his bed awake and he doesn't cry at all anymore. He just falls right asleep. Bonus.

So here is a little video that Dallin took of Benton yesterday while he was outside playing and talking up a storm.


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