Did you know that it is almost impossible to find gray curtains at a store? Ok, probably not impossible but I went to at least 6 different places and no one had plain gray curtains. I really didn't want to make them, but I ended up deciding that would be by best option or else I would end up keeping the outdated hunter green ones that I have disliked since we moved in.

I wasn't looking for anything fancy, so I knew they would be fairly easy to make. And they were for sure. Dallin helped me hang the new curtain rod last night. He also helped me get the crib in the room and move out all of Benton's toys. It is finally starting to look like a little nursery.


When the light shines though them they look a little mauve, but believe me they are gray (faint pink lighting is pretty calming I have found out, I kind of like it).


The curtains aren't too exciting, but they are done and we are one step closer to being prepared for the little guy.


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