When Benton was younger I used to write down his favorite things, and the new things that he was doing every month. Once he was a year old that ended. I think it is time for a little update on Benton's favorite things right now, at 21 months old.

His favorite word is probably owie. I am pretty sure he knows what it means because when he falls and scrapes his hands he says owie. But he also says it for everything else! When I am putting his pants on and he doesn't want me to, owie. When he doesn't want to get into his car seat, owie. I guess it is better than hearing no all the time right?

Since we are talking about words, he can say so many these days! His vocabulary is increasing everyday and he can repeat most of the words we ask him to. It just takes time for him to actually understand what they mean and use them on his own. We took him to the zoo today and he learned the words cougar, eagle, and elephant. 

Benton's favorite store is Lowes. The other day Dallin and I were talking while Benton was playing with a toy on the floor. He wasn't paying any attention to us as he hammered away. I asked Dallin if he wanted to go to Lowes to which Benton looked up and quickly said, "Yes, Lowes". It was so funny! He loves everything from the wrench aisle to the big carts he can push around. 

I am pretty sure that Benton was made to have siblings. Which is great since he is going to have one next month! I think this because he loves to be around other kids. Loves it! He can be super cranky and while it seems that nothing will help all I have to do is bring him somewhere that has other kids and he is a happy camper. He also loves babies. My oldest sister who has baby Asher came over just to pick something up so the baby was in the car with the rest of the family. Benton was super sad that he didn't get to see the baby. We had to go outside to say hi. I hope this is the case with his brother.

He still prefers to be outside, no matter how cold it is. I swear his nose could freeze off and he wouldn't notice. Yes I do dress him as warmly as possible but there is little you can do for those noses!

His favorite book is The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear. It is a little board book that I have completely memorized because of how often we read it. 

Benton likes things to be in their rightful place. This doesn't however, apply to his toys (or his toys are meant to be anywhere and everywhere). We are trying to get the nursery ready so yesterday we moved our guest bed into the office. He wasn't sure what to think about that. I also moved a chair so I could stand on it to reach something and when he noticed it was gone he wasn't going to let it go until it was back in it's place. My favorite part about this is when he sees garbage anywhere he picks it up, says, "garbage" and goes and throws it away. Yes! 

A couple of months ago I started "chill time" with Benton. Basically whenever I noticed that he was getting close to losing it, but before he did anything to get in trouble or throw a fit, I would put him in his crib with his binkie and a book. I would tell him it was chill time and he could get out whenever he was ready. The light was left on so he knew that he wasn't expected to fall asleep. It worked really well. After 5 or 10 minutes he would call for me and was ready to play again, a little chill time was all he needed. I started doing it less and less and then we moved him into his big bed. Now, he on occasion will run to his bed and ask to lay down. This happens once or twice a day. The other day he laid in there for 20 minutes! Another day he actually feel asleep two hours before his bedtime. My favorite part is now when he is done he comes running out of his room laughing. I am sure this has been the means for avoiding many melt downs.

He also loves playdough, bowls of cereal, fruit snacks, hammering anything, running, throwing rocks in the river, hammering the lock on the door, going bye bye, helping daddy and hammering. That about wraps it up for now. He is a pretty fun boy and we love spending every day with him.


  1. Love reading these updates...he sure is one handsome guy!


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