The Final Countdown

It was mentioned that I don't really blog about this pregnancy very much. I have been meaning to write down a few things for a while and now seems like the perfect time. So far this pregnancy has been pretty easy. I remember taking a nap almost everyday during the first trimester and having no morning sickness. I did have motion sickness though, weird right? So from the first few weeks on I started driving instead of Dallin. That eased up a bit when I entered the third trimester though. With Benton I definitely wanted sweeter things while this pregnancy is all about salty savory foods. I also have had no real cravings this time. Maybe one time I had to have salty potatoes, but that is it.

It feels like I have been pregnant for a very long time but it is also hard to believe that I only have two to three weeks left. Am I ready? No. I have a list of things to do before the baby comes and rather than it shrinking it keeps growing! Though the last few days have finally felt progressive. I almost finished the baby's crib quilt and bumper, but haven't started the crib skirt or the curtains. My goal is to have the nursery put together this week (I bet you can't wait to see it huh? Stay tuned for lots of posts over the next few weeks). Once that is ready I will feel much more prepared for this sweet little boy to enter the world. 

That still wasn't too much about the pregnancy, but that is all I have for now. We are so excited to have another little boy in our family and I promise to blog a lot (a lot) about him. You might be overloaded with pictures really. Fair warning...


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