The other night Dallin was away for a church activity so it was just me and the kids. He left just before I needed to start Benton's bedtime routine. While Benton was taking his bath Emmett spit up all over himself and me. This is nothing new these days. I changed Emmett and set him down in his crib while I got Benton dressed and I changed my shirt. When I went back to get Emmett he had spit up all over his crib. Nice. Next we read Benton some books during which time Emmett decided it would be good to spit up on himself and me again.
At this point I knew the best things would be to just get Benton in bed so I could get everything cleaned up. While finishing the book Emmett filled his diaper. Or should I say overfilled his diaper. We sang a few quick songs and said good night to Benton. When I went to change him the blowout was worse that I had expected, which means there there is no way in avoiding getting some on yourself too. Since it was taking a while to clean him up he peed. Fun. At that point I decided Emmett needed a bath to clean the poop out of his armpits... yeah it was a good blowout.
While I got his bath ready he started to cry, which made Benton, in the other room, cry. I gave Emmett a quick bath and before I could get his diaper on he peed again! Seriously? I ran in to calm Benton down while Emmett started to cry again. Finally I got Emmett dressed, Benton calmed down and a clean shirt on. That was a fun half hour. Chocolate anyone?


  1. Yip that was a good half hour. Atleast you got it all out of the way.

  2. Haha, you poor girl! Mama said there'd be day's like this, eh? Man, what a little run-around! It's so tough with a spitter, Owen was a spitter and after having Marin (who NEVER spit-up), it was a total shocker. Many a day I felt like a big burp cloth :)

  3. Holy guacamole! Did you have any clothes left for the little guy? lol


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