7 Months

I'm not really sure when she thought it would be okay to turn 7 months old, but she did. It happened. Sigh. This is also the time that everything seems to change. She is getting bigger, more mobile, and jibber jabbers more. Also she has somehow managed to get even cuter. See?

 photo IMG_0402_zpscb97c2c9.jpg

Adalyn has started getting up on all fours. She started to rock back and forth so crawling is right around the corner. You can tell she really wants to!

Both of my boys started jibbering by saying da da da but Adalyn said Ma mom ma. I love it! Just in the past few days she figured out how to say dadada. She doesn't relate them to us yet, she is just making noises but we love them just the same.

 photo IMG_0394_zpsca646950.jpg

In the past month she has perfected sitting up. I was impressed with how quick she did it. I think she only fell over only 3 or 4 times before figuring it out. It was like she decided to do it and there was no going back. She's got it!

 photo IMG_0407_zps4075f57a.jpg

This little girl is so happy! She smiles at anyone who smiles at her. She also is a little shy. When someone new makes her smile, she smiles and then buries her face into my chest to hide. It is so cute! She also loves to laugh. I know I've said it before but it is still true. Benton can really get her going.

 photo IMG_0424_zpscf23b527.jpg

She loves to bounce in her jumperoo, chew on any kids of toys (especially books when she can sneak one), drink water from a sippy or a cup, and jump on your hip while you (try) to hold her. She doesn't like bottles, that she can't move yet, and when mommy leaves.

 photo IMG_0431_zpsed6bd7ab.jpg

While taking these pictures of her she decided to do this. What? Since when can she pull herself up? Now I guess. Yes, we have lowered her crib now.

 photo IMG_0442_zps25148690.jpg

We all love this little girl. Whenever she isn't around Emmett asks where she is (usually sleeping). Benton always plays with her (sometimes a little too closely, or loudly, but his intentions are good). And Daddy and Mommy think she is as cute and sweet as can be. We love little Adalyn Ann!


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