Random Extras

This has been a great summer so far, and the activity list has kept us busy. But in between those activities we do other fun things like become Mr. Potato head.

 photo 2014-08-05154131_zps8a4e30d5.jpg

 photo 2014-08-05154358_zpsb5dd3873.jpg

We climb trees

 photo 2014-08-10143219_zps33a0a2b0.jpg

Emmett seems unsure about it, but he liked it.

 photo 2014-08-10143520_zpse486f8ef.jpg

We also go to stake fair's.

 photo IMG_0255_zpsa8e64281.jpg

 photo IMG_0267_zpsed432236.jpg

I love this picture because Adalyn does this all the time.She grabs your face and touches her head on yours. It is so sweet and I love it. I'm glad that Dallin caught this.

 photo IMG_0291_zps5eb6c64a.jpg

She is a sweetie for sure!

 photo 5e082369-6045-4807-a46f-7863ccb17a86_zps1cc9560f.jpg


  1. Adalyn's getting so big! Your hair cut looks super cute. Glad you guys are having such a fun summer.


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