Blake & Hilary

Blake found his girl! And we love Hilary. We went down to Utah to be there for their wedding on the 28th. She is so sweet and we are looking forward to getting to know her better every time we visit. Benton and Emmett love her already, so Blake you did good. Be prepared for photo overload.

 photo IMG_0665_zpsc3c344e8.jpg

Attempting a photo with all the nieces and nephews, do you see my children in there? The one pushing the other in the front. Yep they're mine! haha.

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We sneaked in a couple pictures of our family while the bride and groom were taking more pictures. I may have bribed with fruit snacks.

 photo IMG_0626_zpsf245aa72.jpg

 photo IMG_0638_zps2ba6e186.jpg

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Anna has grown so much! I can't believe she is 11. We always love when we get to visit grandma's house when they are there. Luckily everyone came for the wedding so we got to spend time with all of Dallin's siblings and kids.

 photo IMG_0632_zps7aed455f.jpg

I absolutely loved the flowers she chose. The whole reception was beautiful! Every details was lovely and well placed. It was definitely one of the most beautiful receptions I have been to.

 photo IMG_0723_zpsb867b2c0.jpg

And these kids did so great! It was a full day starting off with 2 hours of driving, being babysat and then a ton of pictures, a luncheon, more driving, visiting a new house for 30 minutes of rest, more driving, the reception, then another hour and a half of driving to get home for bed. I was impressed at how well they did. I love these littles, they are pretty great!

 photo IMG_0729_zps2431c497.jpg

This one is so cute, even when she is covered in slobber.

 photo IMG_0749_zps40766ce3.jpg

The beautiful couple. Her dress was gorgeous! Blake had his suit custom made and it looked great too. I loved hearing how into the details they each were.

 photo IMG_0786_zpse9aedb29.jpg

All the bridesmaids!

 photo IMG_0757_zps8662d15f.jpg

Jenny was an awesome photographer! Could you ask for a better sister? Seriously she was so nice to offer to do this. She worked so hard the whole day!

 photo IMG_0770_zpscde9b744.jpg

I love this picture!

 photo IMG_0771_zpsd8f380d8.jpg

Grandma and Kate

 photo IMG_0773_zps7c9e6d4e.jpg

Once the reception started this is where the kids went, to the back room and watched a movie. They were all pretty into it too.

 photo IMG_0842_zps8917094e.jpg

We loved celebrating this wonderful day with Blake and Hilary. Welcome to the family Hilary!


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