Beach Trip Activities 31-32

Last week Dallin was gone for a few days with the young men in our ward for High Adventure. He was able to go white water rafting, rock climbing, and fishing. He had a great time. We knew we would miss him here at home so I tried to plan some fun things for us to do to keep busy. We had some friends over for dinner on Thursday (their Dad/Husband was out of town too) and on Friday we went to the beach. My bestie Jenny joined in on the fun.

31| Go to the Beach

The kids and I got down to the beach around lunch time. We had no schedule to keep to so I just let the kids play as they wanted to. It was awesome! I think it was a little over 70 degrees with just a little wind. The sun was out which made it perfect to play in. No one was hot, no one was cold, it was great. It is hard to get that at the Oregon Coast so I was feeling pretty lucky. Adalyn spent a lot of time in this little shade tent.

 photo 2014-08-01121737_zps23dc751e.jpg

She did come out to play in the sand for a while. Here she is ready to dig to China with her huge shovel. Shortly after this she gave up and started digging with her hands. It was really cute and she got really sandy! Later she took a nap in the tent. The life of a baby, she gets to nap on the beach. Jealous.

 photo 2014-08-01123330_zpsaacd8e55.jpg

32| Build a sand castle

It may not have been very grand, but it was a castle, and we built it. 

 photo 2014-08-01124157_zps98c23d0d.jpg

The boys obviously loved the water. They loved stomping in it and splashing everywhere.

 photo 2014-08-01125127_zps3391f15a.jpg

Benton saw someone else sitting in a hole so he thought he should do it too!

 photo 2014-08-01132310_zps1c6047c8.jpg

After about 4 hours of playing on the beach we headed up to the shops for some ice cream. The boys got cotton candy ice cream (which was delicious) and quickly started devouring it. I love that Emmett just looks like he has a pink and blue goatee.

 photo 2014-08-01162856_zpsb4e3f16b.jpg

After some shopping at the outlets and dinner at subway we headed home. The kids fell asleep and I enjoyed a nice and quiet drive. It was a great day.


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