Little Crawler finds some friends

This little girl has decided to crawl. It didn't take her very long to figure it out. Within a few days of starting to scoot she was able to cross a room. And she loves it! While trying to take a couple pictures of her she crawled away and found some friends.

 photo IMG_0521_zpsc660f107.jpg

 photo IMG_0523_zpsb9f0e332.jpg

 photo IMG_0524_zpsfc44ab21.jpg

First Emmett came to visit for a minute. But when he left, she did too.

 photo IMG_0529_zpsed1ed5f0.jpg

She found Kadence and crawled over her.

 photo IMG_0532_zpsc9b82106.jpg

 photo IMG_0534_zps72429157.jpg

She found the sidewalk next (poor little chubby knees, the sidewalk has to hurt!)

 photo IMG_0540_zpsd7c56079.jpg

Back to the grass she went and found a nice leaf to munch on. I can't get her to open up to eat baby food but she will put anything outside into her mouth! That's the way it goes.

 photo IMG_0548_zps1b35ba0e.jpg

Lastly she found Griff, then she quickly tried to steal his bubbles. You can see how he feels about her eying them.

 photo IMG_0551_zps57e98b03.jpg


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