Summer Activities 26-30

Our activities are totally out of order. I'm just happy if a picture gets on the blog, having them in order would be too much to worry about! So here is the next set of photos from our summer fun.

26| Have a Race

Dallin's work has a summer lunch at the park every year. We love going. They have bounce houses, face painting, cotton candy, and this year a race. Benton and Emmett were so excited to do it! Then it started and Emmett wanted nothing to do with it. Dallin had to carry him but Benton ran the whole thing.

 photo IMG_20140624_162834_zps6b4614ba.jpg

 photo 2014-06-24163211_zps286d6c2a.jpg

26.5| This wasn't on the list, but these pictures are to awesome to miss.

 photo IMG_20140624_173359_zps02f5f514.jpg

I used to think that Benton couldn't sit still for any length of time until this happened. He sat motionless like this the whole time! Now how can I get him to pretend he is getting his face painted while he is at church...

 photo IMG_20140624_173856_zpsacad214f.jpg

I love these faces!

 photo IMG_20140624_174432_zpsecb79ad3.jpg

27| Go to a baseball game

Okay, this wasn't on the list either, but only because I didn't think the kids were old enough yet. Dallin won tickets from work so we decided to give it a try. We made it all the way to the 6th inning. I consider that a win.

 photo IMG_20140703_183722_zps6cc4ae34.jpg

28| Pick Cherries

These beauties are from our backyard. We picked cherries every couple of days for 2.5 weeks. We love them!

 photo 2014-06-09192417_zps26b36940.jpg

29| Go to a movie

If you couldn't guess by now, most of these photos are from Dallin's phone. And I think this post could also be called "thanks to Intel" because Dallin won tickets to How to Train your Dragon 2. We all went and loved it! It was Benton's 2nd movie and Emmett's 1st.

 photo 20140614_104343_zps556b0eed.jpg

30| Go to a parade

We went to the 4th of July Parade in Hillsboro. We love this parade. We meet up with our neighbors and ended up going out to lunch after. It was great!

 photo 20140704_102629_zps524b7bef.jpg

 photo 20140704_102642_zps555b8d9b.jpg


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