Week of Projects Day 1- House

Welcome to the week of projects. Everyday this week I will post about some project that we have been working on around here. Some are big and some are small, some are new and some I have been talking about for a while... like today's project. We are going to start the week of right with a big project, my {finally} painted house! This past Saturday Dallin took Benton all day so I could finally finish it up. I started painted back in May, yes 4 months ago (it was the end of May). It took longer than I was expecting, which I should be used to by now but still am not.

Just in case you forgot here is a little reminder of the progress we've made. Here is what the house looked like when we bought it


Here it is with a new garage door and stained cedar shingles


And finally, this is what it looks like today... literally, I just took the picture.


The peach is gone! It has been gone of the front of the house for a few months but now it is gone everywhere. It is so nice to have this done, and just in time! I think I waited until the last nice day to finish, but at least it is done. 

We love planning projects around here. We love prepping for them and starting them. We may hate them for a short time while working on them, but it is always great to finish them. So come on back and see what else we have been doing during our Week of Projects. 


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